The Commitment - American History by Doron Almog

In this riveting analysis, Doron Almog describes the pivotal role of the Jewish community in the United States in helping Israel fight for its independence. Though their government had its doubts, American Jews saw the righteousness of the cause of establishing a Jewish homeland after World War II and the Holocaust. In defiance of official policy and often the law, the supporters of Jewish statehood in America determinedly provided for the needs of the nascent nation, laying the groundwork for one of the most fundamental alliances in the modern Middle East.

Major General Doron Almog is known as a fierce warrior in the defense of the State of Israel. He was the first combatant to land in Entebbe to free 105 Israeli captives, and he has commanded hundreds of complex operations behind enemy lines. Major General Doron Almog served in the Israel Defense Forces from 1969 to 2004, serving as head of the Doctrine & Training Division and of the Southern Command during the Second Intifada. Since retiring from the Israeli Defense Force, he has fought for the hopeful future of the weakest in Israeli society, those with severe cognitive disabilities, founding a rehabilitative village which bears the name of his son Eran, one of its first residents: ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.
Major General Almog is known as a researcher and strategist, in theory and in practice, serving as a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University and the Washington Institute. In 1999, he received the Tshetshik Prize for Strategic Studies from Tel Aviv University for his research in the field of accumulating deterrence. This book was originally written as a research project for Tel Aviv University and has been published in Hebrew as well.