WHY THE CHICKEN IS MORE POPULAR THAN OTHER BIRDS and other short stories - children's general book by Chukwuka Wealth

Ever wanted to infiltrate the mind of a young child and feel the same way they feel?
Tell them stories of why things are the way they are; there are six charming and exhilarating stories you've never heard before packaged in this series.
This unforgettable African folktales and bedtime story literally pinpoints unhealthy behaviors like greed , pride, impatient and of-course vouch for tolerance, meekness, persistence, good thinking and more.
The collections include that of the chicken and other birds, why animals don't talk, how the tortoise got a bald head( totally different from what you've heard), The woman in the moon, Why bush babies live in the forest.
The king who tasted hardship.
It's indeed a plethora of unforgettable good reads you've never heard anywhere.


it's going to be FREE on Amazon beginning from May 4th 2015 to May 8th 2015