Bed of Roses - An Erotic Romance Novel by Beverley Cooper

“Bed of Roses is bang on trend for the current demand for Erotica. It is dark, painful, duplicitous, packed full of suspense, entertaining and addictive.”

"Excellent book, couldn't put it down! makes 50 shades look like a child's book"

Douglas Spencer ‘Professional Seducer’ has run out of beautiful female acquaintances. His ego bruised by the rejection of the only woman he really cares about.
With a handle on the notorious Soho sex-club ‘Sirens’, he’s determined to raise his profile there whatever the price. Across his path walks the submissive Stella. He knows a good thing when he sees one.
Playing his ‘lover’ role to perfection, this easy prey falls for it hook, line and sinker. Reeling her in, he uses her to demonstrate her sexual prowess at an ultimate tragedy of her own making: a high-octane event at the Club. He receives the plaudits, but high now on adrenaline, Douglas oversteps the mark. Life is not always a bed of roses. There are the thorns. Someone has to pay the ultimate price.