The Harrison - A Beautiful Place to Die - murder mystery by Madison Kent

This book will go free on Amazon on the 15th and 16th of May 2015.

Summertime 1890 in Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois is about to change forever. This quaint little hamlet  can now boast a lavish hotel that has gone up amidst the predominantly Italian and Polish neighborhood.  The Harrison Hotel is unique in that hotel guests only can occupy the second floor. The main floor is host to a Parisian cafe, jewelry, hat, and other sundry shops. It is a curiosity that brings tourists, as well as the neighbored ladies, drifting in an out of its doors.

But simultaneously beautiful young women begin disappearing. Madeline Donovan has just returned from London where she spent time in Whitechapel tracking down the infamous Jack the Ripper. Her experiences, along with other factors that played a part, have led her to take on the role of female detective.

She is approached by the family of one of the missing girls to investigate her disappearance. As she begins, it seems every clue leads her inevitably back to The Harrison Hotel and the mysterious third floor that no one seems to know what exists there. It is said it is used for the Harrison brothers business meetings, but rumors abound that strange things take place there.

With the help of two friends, Jonathan Franks and Hugh Scott, a reporter and a lawyer who collaborated with her on The Ripper case, she begins her search.  What happens next will shock and dismay them all as they try to discover who has kidnapped the girls from Goose Island.

This is the second in the Madeline Donovan mystery series. Stalking Jack is book one. The Mystery at Belle Magnolia-book three-will soon be available on Amazon.