Dodging Bullets - a mystery by John Turner

Take a road trip to Mexico in this engaging tale of suspense filled with colorful characters, evocative settings, and intrigue at every turn.

Jackson Thomas and Vince Taylor are friends, and right now their lives are going off the rails, fast. When the opportunity comes along to do a little favor for a guy, both men jump on it, thinking it’s just what they need to set things right.

And so begins an incredible odyssey that will take the two friends deep into the badlands of Mexico, and straight into a tangled web of deception. Pursuing an enigma named Benjie Cole, Jackson and Vince enter a world where nothing is as it seems, and tragic consequences await those who tread foolishly.

Dodging Bullets is a thrill-ride mystery, and a journey of self-discovery for two broken men looking for spare parts.