Fast Money, Slow Money, No Money: 11 Steps to Passionate, Passive Income - A Non-fiction Self-help/Motivational by Mark A. Douglas, Jr.

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Fast Money, Slow Money, No Money will change your life if you let it.  Too many of us wander aimlessly without a solid financial footing.  We’re working longer, and retiring later.  Student loans, a seemingly endless mortgage, and unexpected events keep us from gaining the traction we want, and we end up stuck in a job we don't like in order to pay the bills.  Sound familiar?

It doesn't have to be this way.  What if you could create multiple streams of passive income with little to no maintenance?  Better yet, if you had a resource to steer you through the process - would you make it happen?  This guide is just such a tool.  If you follow these realistic methods, you will end up with a product of your choice that alleviates some or all of the financial stress you've been carrying.

No one wants to worry about money.  There are simple ways to dramatically improve your financial standing.  Let's get this in order.