Fleeing Cat Spring - a historical fiction mystery with romance by Jerry Minshall

$0.99 5/22-6/1


Corrina Elgin, at twenty-two, was a happy spring bride in May, 1963. Her happiness lasted for ten days... then she made a shocking discovery that triggered a violent response by her husband. Fearing for her life, she escaped on board MKT’s top streamliner, the Texas Special heading for the “Big D.”

Months before Lee Harvey Oswald would kill President John Kennedy and Jack Ruby would kill Oswald, Corrina landed a job in a Dallas nightspot, the “Carousel Club” owned by Jack Ruby. That job put her at an intersection with monumental historic events and threatened her very life.

"A terrific read with a very likable yet flawed heroine who's easy to root for. Set partially in Dallas circa '63, the author not only creates an interesting mystery/romance he also brings Jack Ruby's infamous "Carousel Club" to life." - Amazon 5-star review