Invaders from Mars: The adventures of Joaquim and Eduardo - An adventure by Michael Ruman

Magic wand? Nah, he doesn’t need it.
Can fly? Only when kicked real bad in the ass.
Special weapons? Yeah! Super-annihilating-fart-smelling-bomb.
Magic powers? His mom gave him a magic kit, as a birthday present, but he kinda messed up.
Special clothes? Only his school uniform.
Is part of a superhero league? Well, has his school friends.
Fighting what kind of criminals? Martians, of course! They are disguised as humans and are among us. They want to conquer Earth, but he will not allow them. Along with his best friend, Eduardo, will give a good kick in the asses of the invaders, with no mercy!

Invaders from Mars brings back young readers the pleasure of investigation and deduction, with a plot that is set in a time when there were no cell phones, to think of personal computers was science fiction and, for fun, was enough to leave home to meet friends and play ball, ride bike or ...
Getting into trouble!
But make no mistake: this is not a book just for kids. Adults can have fun and remember childhood days when everything was a great adventure, and there was always a mystery to decipher every corner.