Ominous Borders Coffee - a psychological thriller by Peter Standish Evans

$2.99 on Amazon 5/1/15-5/30/15

An obsessive and beautiful classical violinist and a malevolent killer each spend summer in Paris. The cafés and bistros hum with robust and colourful energy. Girls are murdered after midnight on bridges over the River Seine. Cryptic messages are left on their stage-set bodies. Inspector Vasseur sits at his favourite table on a battered sidewalk. He faces a puzzle whose myriad facets challenge his special gifts, intuition and ingenuity. In other parts of the city, a Stalker trails her female targets, hell-bent on seduction. Two beautiful women, violinist Camille and new acquaintance Edith, a woman of steel, form a coffee society. Camille leaves the prison of her insular creativity to venture into the streets, exploring the grand city. Edith, who relishes life, determines to protect Camille’s back. A rogue psycho-analyst has set his patients loose in the city, as the sweltering days turn to night. The darkness shivers.

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