The Adulteress - Christian Fiction by Lucinda Weeks

Adina is young and in love. Her twin sister has just married the man of her dreams. Adina Hopes to soon marry her childhood love Yeichiel. But her greedy father doesn't approve of Yeichiel who is a thief and a drunkard. Adina is very beautiful and her father knows that beautiful daughters bring a hefty bride price. Determined to keep Adina away from Yeichiel her father arranges to sell her into marriage to rich Eleazar against Adina's wishes.

Adina soon finds herself trapped in a marriage to a man she doesn't love and longing for Yeichiel the man she does love. Yeichiel’s life of crime catches up with him and Yeichiel is condemned to die. Grief stricken and alone Adina finds herself longing for the affections of other men dreaming that true love will one day come again.

Adina finds herself lost in a life of sin and indulgence is one day caught in the act of adultery. Guilty and betrayed Adina is brought before Jesus to be stoned to death.