The Evolution of the Modern American Black - a historical non-fiction book by Richard Castagner

My latest book “The Evolution of the Modern American Black” will hopefully bring some closure to a racial problem in America that will not go away.

The study of Black history in the New World has to be seen primarily in the context of American history. It was in the US that slavery and the fight for civil rights had its most profound effect.
The American Civil War in 1865 and the liberation of the slaves, although a triumph, was merely the end of the first chapter in American Black history.
Ahead lay a struggle of epic proportions, as American Blacks fought deep-seated discrimination, violence, and intimidation to assert their political, cultural, and economic identity.
Black prehistory is rich and glorious. When Blacks know more of their prehistory, hopefully, they will love and respect themselves. When Black contributions to world civilization are truthfully revealed, it will be realized that African Blacks, in prehistory, made major contributions to the development of the world.

The prehistory "African" mind is alive and well for a large percentage of Black people today.
My hope is that the remainder of Black people who are still of slavery generated "Negro" mind will decide to rise up and see themselves in a new light. Their new perception of blackness will be based on spiritual and mental enlightenment, rather than on victimization, violence, negativity and racism. They will reclaim their history. They will reappoint themselves to positions of royalty and once again become real kings and queens. In this book, we are beginning the exploration of the American Blacks deeper, uncharted history.... The history that the American Black has lost.

Billions and billions of dollars have been poured into our Black communities with no real positive effect on Black family structure, economy, jobs, poverty, crime or education. A copy of this book provided to every Black family in our Black communities in the US would have a very positive effect at a fraction of the cost. The problem would be addressed from the family level, bottom to top changes, rather than the top to the bottom changes the government is trying unsuccessfully to implement.