The Wonderful Journey of Tara In an Unknown Land - a pre-teens fantasy book by Carmela Ben Nun Moshe

The sound of the Screecher was heard all across Iron Island, warning its inhabitants to return to their cells. In the mass of bodies rushing to return before nightfall, Tara grabbed the rabbit and stealthily entered the forest.

I can't go back to that cell," she said "I'd rather freeze to death here than live out my life as a prisoner on Iron Island.” Tara looked at Lolly’s big black eyes. “Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life trapped in a little cage in the corner of some pathetic petting zoo? Hunted, betrayed, Tara ventures out on a journey to annihilate the evil threatening the world and in the process, runs the risk of losing the most important thing in life….

With rich, spellbinding language, the author weaves an intricate and breathtaking fantasy/adventure, bringing together humans and magical creatures who join forces to create a better world.

The book will be in a bargain price of 0.99$ on 10-13.5.15 only!

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