Tiny Tim Blows a Bubble - An original nursery rhyme spin-off that will delight your toddler by Jerome Pasquero


As a father to two young children, a 1-year old and a 3-year old, I have had the opportunity to read them many classic nursery rhymes (over and over again). And while these stories are very popular with my kids, I've always wondered where they came from and what they meant. Surprisingly, there are no clear answers to these simple questions - a simple search on Wikipedia will confirm this. I, therefore, decided to try to explain, in my own way, mysteries such as what caused Humpty Dumpty to fall off his wall or how little Bo-Peep came to lose her sheep.

The book is written in 7-syllable verses with the last word of each line being repeated as the first word of the next line. I cannot really offer any solid rationale for why I decided to do so, other than perhaps it makes it easier for young children to learn the text by heart. More importantly, it provided me with rigid - though somewhat arbitrary -  writing constraints that I desperately needed. This is the first book I ever write.

The book follows a sequence of cause-and-effect events that link the worlds of over 20 of the most iconic nursery rhyme characters of all times, such as Jack and Jill, and Mary and her little lamb. In the eBook version, tapping on any of the characters will make the original nursery rhyme they correspond to pop up.

I hope you enjoy the story. I know I had a blast writing and publishing it. My biggest source of pride is when I hear my oldest daughter recite out loud the entire book by heart.