Stormbringer: Legend of the 23rd Century, a Science Fiction story by A.W.Black

Stormbringer: Legendof the 23rd Century -

Introducing June Anderson, also known as the Stormbringer.
After a turbulent start in life, June was adopted by the Andersons.
Tragedy strikes shortly before their first Christmas together, when a criminal organisation known as the Moss Side Gang begins a series of raids on their house - in search of a Ballerina Bear!

June has a special gift, which she keeps hidden from her new family, fearing she will be taken away from their loving home. This gift, taught to her by a previous guardian, grants her the ability to create portals of violet fog. These portals are known as "Storms", but the ability to make portals is just the tip of the ice-berg for a well practiced Stormbringer.

The Stormbringer is not alone in her fight; Boris Petrov, a young man with a talent for inventing, has created an invisibility suit, and stumbles upon June during his search for his missing father. Initially after only one thing, Boris (under the code-name of the "Teslageist") discovers that the achievement of his own goal can only be completed by aiding others in their quests.

Why would a notorious band of hardened criminals attack a law abiding family for something as trivial as a cuddly toy?
Will Boris find his father?
Will June be able to defend her new family from their path of destruction?

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