Why Goldfish Never Die. A Self-help, Spirituality, New age, book of change and discovery by Brian McCully


Why don't you just go ahead and drop dead!  

Now, I bet you've been told to do before!   But you know, maybe it's not such a bad idea because for most of us, it's probably the only way that we'll ever come face to face with the most extraordinary experience of conscious survival - and the gift of enlightened living - that life and death are ever going to show us.  It's an encounter with our own immortality, a brush literally with death and all that follows.   But there's one catch - you've gotta come back!   For how else do we get to share and marvel at the new you that you become.  Transformed, enlivened and changed from within into a soul that's not just living the dream, but consciously creating it.  Make your life beautiful.  Live powerfully and discover the magic of a fully realized life.   Do goldfish never die?   Of course not!   But do you?  Well, why not come with me and we’ll answer that together!

Why Goldfish Never Die is a book of contemplative and speculative philosophy.  It's a love song, a dirge, a sky of clouds and sunshine that clothe a world of ever changing form.  It uses meditative prose and poetry to explore the evolutionary unfolding of conscious awareness as an experiential phenomenon in living beings.

It shows how physical forms evolve and persist from one shape to another and through the gradual sophistication of ever-greater design, allow the awakening of self-awareness as an inherent experience that was always meant to be. It observes that consciousness is dynamic, that it grows – and diminishes - as a sense of knowing and doing sustained and permitted by the integrity and wellbeing of the physical body.

It explores the flowering of this experiential realization as a subjective and personal identity, erudite and evocative and yet always determined by the confines and permutations of the physical form that contains it.     And then it asks what remains of life and the experience of knowing that we are here, living in this moment of now, when ultimately, our bodies die? Do we simply disappear, as in a deep and dreamless sleep of no awakening? Or do we survive, our consciousness abiding in some other form - something more lasting to which we remain connected beyond the limitations of physical death and diminution.  Is it possible to exist beyond the body and survive death? And could we know such a thing for ourselves intimately and truthfully – not just as something that we’re told could happen, but as a fully realized experience of expanded being?

Using the voice of gentle narration, the book guides the reader toward a journey of shared contemplative awakening, a realization of life within and an invitation to explore practices of meditative awareness and conscious relaxation that yield towards an actual experience of altered and enlightened reality.

Not a bad promise for a little book about fish!   But get hooked - it's worth it!