925 - suspense/thriller by Æmilius

925 - suspense/thriller by Æmilius - Only $2.99


Delve deep into the minds of a CIA agent avenging the death of his MI6 partner, the serial killer that did it, and the serial killer's son, who's out to make a killing of his own to set his father up for failure. Highly suspenseful and thrilling, 925 resonates as an at times psychotic tale of revenge. Gregory Belittled breaks from his nine-to-five life by making a fortune coming up with an anti-skimming mechanism for the Bank of Las Vegas and uses it to buy everything he needs to take his father down.

A new writing style no one has used before? Try this book. It may not stand out at first, but when the book progresses through its chapters, you'll notice things are slightly different. The use of different tenses to slow the story down or speed it up. The perspective changing mid-section to someone else that suddenly drives the action. It can all be done and it has all been done -- now!


"The anatomy of a psychopath, the spinning of a yarn that very cleverly switches timeframes in a most creative fashion…"

"A fascinating, fast-moving and well-crafted plot…"

"Intriguing, Absorbing, Suspenseful, Dark and Exciting"

"I couldn't stop reading it as the plot and the characters were so intriguing."

"I was immediately taken for a ride in this book."

"Unusual style but great story […] it does make the pacing of the book engaging."


He waited. He checked left and right. Not a soul.

The door opened. Samuel Ferry looked straight into the barrel. “I’m sorry.”, he said.

Only a second’s hesitation.

Gregory pulls the trigger, a bullet rips, the blood trickles down Samuel’s forehead, down his nose. Samuel, now cockeyed, sways. Why won’t the son of a bitch fall?

“Oh my God, oh my God!”, a young girl, scantily dressed, shouts from inside the living room. She makes herself small and keeps out of sight.

She doesn’t see a thing.

Then it hits him, the smell of blood. He blasts away at Samuel’s heart. And Samuel drops backward with the blows.

Gregory nearly pukes, but blurts out, “Hole-in-one...  Two three four five!” Whenever you feel like puking, crack a joke. One in the head, four in the heart. Not the cleanest kill ever, but not bad for a first.