Novel Short Short stories that read like a novel (Novel Short Stories Vol 1) by Da Kat

Novel short stories are a collection of quirky, clean, strange stories from another time. Back when
violence and sex weren’t thrust into our minds without concern about how it manifests in our daily lives. My stories do not utilize “I, me, names and the intent is never to reveal myself as the narrator”. Let it be said that NSS; packs more into one hundred words than most novels do. (100 words; check it!)

In the times where things are all about speed; I this style allows for entertainment on short-order. Yes! Violence, sex and destruction are what sell but, I this is “Old School” This book is meant to enrich, not stimulate.

 Hospitality and beverage management was my life long career. I retired due to mental illness which in my case is bi-polar with major depression (MDD). My writing is my triumph of the soul. I will write a collection of volumes which I suppose fall under the heading of “boutique books”. Being challenged with mental illness has guided my writing; in some ways enhancing it, if that’s possible.

 Find ‘ on Google. Pay on Kindle (KDP) and get a dollar off. $1.99 U.S.A