A Standard Journey - 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent by Jackie Parry



We saved their lives, but they changed ours forever.

With daring inspiration, Jackie and Noel trained five lost and confused horses, and forced their own unfit bodies to meld into one team.

Life became horses, trail, endurance, and camping: all seven reliant on one another as they trekked along part of Australia’s majestic Bicentennial National Trail.

What started as a dream adventure turned out to be more than they had ever imagined. The beauty of the trail didn’t lessen its dangers; with all their worldly possessions on horseback, Jackie and Noel made mistakes and with humour, learned the hard way. What would Jackie and Noel do if one of the horses was broken? Would they have the strength to put it down? Or would a miracle save them all?

Emotional histories were tackled by animal and human. Fears were faced and conquered, and bonds forged. They were amateur horse-handlers, but they created something special, unique, and incredibly endearing.