Andorra's Box - Children's Mystery adventure - Six books in One by Niddy Witch

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If you could disappear to a secret land in the sky, have fantastic adventures and be home without anyone knowing!
If you owned a box that can make you shrink to the size of a mouse!
If you were able to become invisible at will!
If you could fly on a cloud and ride on a rainbow!
If you could do all this on a mission to save the planet!

Are you special? Do you feel you might be just a little bit different from everyone else? Andorra Smith was convinced that she was far from ordinary. She had felt very bored the day the parcel arrived. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever…

Andorra's box is an action packed children's magical mystery adventure with six superb linked ‘missions’ for Andorra and her faithful companion Teddy to solve.

They face amazing challenges when they visit a fantastic world floating high above the clouds. It's a race against time to find 5 golden keys to unlock the mystery.

Who is draining the sun of its golden rays and how can Andorra and Teddy stop them? Cryptic clues help them in their quest with a host of villains trying to prevent them succeeding. A constant battle against evil forces with a little help from a mystery man who seems appear from nowhere. Will they be able to solve the clues before the sun goes out and the planet goes dark forever?

Andorra's Box will have any child spellbound and eager to turn the next page as they try to unravel the truth behind the fading sun in this fast paced children's fantasy adventure.

Andorra's Box was originally intended to be a children’s book series. This is the complete set of the six children’s mystery book series carefully crafted into one. Each ‘book’ is subdivided into chapters making it easy to read for bedtime stories or as a complete children's mystery adventure story. It is unusual to find a children’s book of over 30,000 words but this has been carefully written and linked together to make it easy to read and highly enjoyable.

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