Backslide, A Detective Mike Eiser Short Story - A mystery/action thriller by Clabe Polk

Mike Eiser is stunned when his friend and mentor, Charlie Bozeman is killed by a sniper's bullet right in front of him.  Charlie was pillar of the community and a well respected detective, who would have killed him?  The circumstance of the crime argued for a military or law enforcement trained sniper but adding up the number of people in the community that Eiser knew to have military or law enforcement sniper training equaled just one...Eiser's boss Sheriff Glen Glassman. Eiser's doubts that the murderer is Glassman are soon strengthened when teen-aged informants disappear and when two other murders occur within days in a town where murder is as rare as winning the lottery. What follows is a surprising showdown that clearly separates the good guys from the bad!