Currents of Change - a paranormal romance by Darian Smith

Currents of Change is a suspenseful paranormal romance by prize winning author, Darian Smith.  Set in small town New Zealand and blending Maori and British mythology, this is the story of a woman trying to start a new life while haunted by ghosts from the past.

When Sara O’Neill goes on the run, she thinks the tiny town her ancestors settled in is just the sanctuary she needs.  But she doesn’t know the history of this town and a dangerous presence haunting the old house threatens Sara’s chance at peace. How can she create a new life while dealing with ghosts from the old?
For local electrician, Nate Adams, parenting his young daughter alone has not been easy - particularly in a town where he is still seen as an outsider. When he meets his new neighbour, he sees a chance at a new start for them both. Even with his help, can the house – or Sara’s heart – be repaired?

Someone doesn’t want an O’Neill in Kowhiowhio. Sara’s return is awakening secrets hidden for generations.

Why has the house never had electricity? What was the fate of Sara’s ancestors?
Can she discover the ghost’s story before it’s too late?
The truth will set…something…free.

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