Dragonlinked - An lgbt-friendly young-adult fantasy by Adolfo Garza Jr


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Magic? Check. Evil beasts that kill for no apparent reason? Check. Oh, and there is a dragon or two. There are also bullies. They’re a bunch of pains in the butt, right? Alas, they seem to be everywhere as Aeron knows all too well, what with Jessip constantly picking on him. So, Aeron’s dealing with bullies (if running and escaping can be considered ‘dealing’), he’s trying to make his dad proud, and when he hears any rumor about deadly nahual attacks, for some reason it makes him very nervous. Progress on the ‘making dad proud’ front (he finally gets invited to train in Magic Craft) comes with its own strangeness. How is he so good at sorcery?

Then he rescues a baby dragon. He didn’t know it was a dragon. The poor thing couldn’t seem to break out of its egg, though, and unable to ignore the piteous whimpers, he helps her hatch. Incredibly powerful magic is triggered that bonds them together, mind and soul, making them friends for life, and he wonders how he’s going to take care of her without risking his studies. On the other hand, he’s got this adorable dragon companion who needs him right now. When he finds out she will eventually get to be at least twenty feet long and weigh around four or five thousand pounds, he panics. How in Yrdra’s deepest hells is he going to keep her a secret?

Amazon Customer “English Teacher” (amazon.com customer review):
“This is a totally charming story with likeable characters and a well-crafted plot. The writing is good, someone bothered to proof it pretty well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Ledgar (amazon.com customer review of the series):
“When I read LGBT about the first book which was free, I will admit I was a little apprehensive [...] because I am not a fan of graphic sex of any kind. [...] But the heart felt moments we're handled with grace and enabled you to see the moment of love for what it was. Now on to the rest. I loved the stories. Magic, dragons, action. I literally had to keep reading and will honestly say I NEVER BUY BOOKS [w]hen there are so many free books. But congratulations, excellent story telling. I bought the next 2 books and they are kept in favourites to read again. I hope there will be more books in the future.”

Omen Firepaws (amazon.com customer review of the series):
“This has been an amazing ongoing tale from book one all the way up to three. Sometimes I curse my reading speed and devotion to see a good book, or series, through: I read all three books in just a couple of weeks (some nights I forgot to sleep, as into the story as I get). Anyone debating reading this, if you love dragons, you will NOT be disappointed[...]”

Joy Grzelak (comment left on author’s blog):
“[...] I began reading science fiction and fantasy with an Andre Norton novel. Since then I have read many different authors and thousands of books. The last two days I spent reading your Dragonlinked and The Bond. They gave me as much pleasure as those long ago Andre Norton titles. Thank you for such good reading and I look forward to your next book.”

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Dragonlinked Chronicles currently has three books: Dragonlinked, The Bond, and A Storm in the Desert. Book four is in progress!