Forecast: Stormy with a Chance of Love, a Christian Romance by Dyanne Gordon Green

On sale for $.99 through September 30

Maggie and Frank belonged together from the start, or so it seems.  Two good people living good lives and loving the Lord above all others. But it wasn’t always that way. They each have secrets that haunt them and they aren’t sure if they want to share them now or ever.  Is their trust and faith in God strong enough to overcome their secrets or will they go their separate ways never experiencing the joy they could have together?

Book 1 of the Forecast Series
Book 2, Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Hope to be released in Autumn 2015

“Heartwarming story with endearing characters you will wish you knew in real life.” -Triple A

” ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I fell in love with Frank the first time he saw Maggie in the church offices. What a great place to meet, you already know you have something in common. I normally don't do reviews but I had to do a review on this great page turner. I almost called out of work the next day to stay home and finish it.” -Sandyloo

“I liked how they didn't lead perfect lives, but were able to lean on their faith during rough times. I would love to read a part two of this story.” -Rebecca