Heart Break - a mystery by MF Moskwik


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"Satisfyingly dark . . . a mystery that confronts grief and the forces that lead to life-altering actions." -D. Donovan, Senior e-Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Isabel Swift is a savvy, down-to-earth, female police officer who protects the citizens of Westchester County and wants to become a detective. From a broken home, her brothers and sisters in blue are her family, and she is shaken by the recent, unexpected death of her mentor, Ben Carter, from what everyone thinks was a heart attack. On her first day back from leave, she is paired with an arrogant forensic data scientist, Mark Jameson, who is more interested in analyzing data than solving the crime of stolen technology to which they are assigned.

When their investigation uncovers an unexpected link between the theft and her mentor's death, Swift and Jameson have only 48 hours to whittle down a countywide list of suspects, track down the stolen technology, and solve the mystery of Ben Carter's death. Can Isabel overcome her grief and her differences with her new partner to solve the case and earn her detective's badge?

Heart Break is the debut novel of MF Moskwik and the first in the Isabel Swift series.