How to Not SUCK at Writing Your First Book - a self-help book by Chandler Bolt

Promo Dates: June 2nd- 8th 2015

You get ready to do some writing. You’re pumped and think this will be the day all of your great ideas flood the page.
Then ...
You find yourself staring at a blank screen. You have no idea what you want to write about. After some time, you want to bang your head against the keyboard.

You want to write a book. In fact, you know you have a book inside you but, you keep telling yourself: “I’m not a writer. I can’t write a book. I don’t have enough time anyway.”

There are TONS of myths, misconceptions, and flat-out lies out there about how difficult it is to write your first book.

How to Not SUCK at Writing Your First Book busts those myths and challenges everything you’ve been told about writing.

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