Knight Hunter: Vampires - kindle ebook by J.M. Garlock

“For once we have a unique concept that ties vampires, science fiction and sword play together. Good work and well penned. Second book as soon as possible please.” – 5-Star Review from j.c. cassidy – UK for “Knight Hunter: Vampires.”

I wanted to tell an original, unconventional vampire hunting story that pitted the forces of good and light against those of evil and darkness. And who, I thought, best epitomized virtue? A knight in shining armor. And who best represented depravity and immorality? Obviously a vampire.

The next problem and challenge was how to combine the two. I had to find a common denominator and that’s what led me to science fiction. I didn’t want to have intergalactic space as the prime location because it would be too large and too cold. No, it had to be a smaller, more intimate and personable place, a single planet where righteousness and malevolence lived side by side and desperately fought for supremacy over each other.

But who were they and why were they fighting? Because I wanted to create a scenario that everyone could relate to this is what I decided: two markedly contrasting, continually quarrelling brothers had been exiled from their mother planet by their father to a neighboring planet and were now engaged in a battle to the death. The new planet was divided into two equal halves: one full of light and sunshine, the other dark and dreary. The halves were separated by a seemingly impenetrable laser time warp wall. In a cruel twist of fate one brother landed on the good side of the planet; the other on the darker side.

Here’s a brief summary: Sir Alan Palidor, Idlik, his faithful servant and Natessa, a beautiful cavalrywomen search for and fight invading vampires, vampire dogs and infiltrators as the Vampire Lord Manco of the Kingdom of Urbe tries to wrest control of the planet Akela that is jointly controlled by his Mortal, benevolent brother Lord Parca of the kingdom of Ramla while Sir Alan reluctantly but inevitably falls in love with Natessa.