"Money" Never Enough - Non-Fiction Book By Dwayne Anderson

All of us want to be happy and have  enough money ,   it is true  that “Money isn’t Everything ”   
but the reality is that many ideas in this world require money to materialize , they may not even
guarantee a happy life, but they are a pretty good basis to learn how  to build happiness on ... for  now .
The sad  opinion  is   -  “Happiness that Money  Brings cannot last ” 
          “With Money ,people cannot necessarily materialize everything , however  without money many things  cannot be accomplished. ”

This book tells you how to change your thermostat to think rich. Similar to "Rich Dad Poor Dad" it talks about how you are stuck in a rat race.
Furthermore, it stresses on having an entrepreneur mindset and that the best way to escape the rat race and to be successful is to take action today. 

Really insightful and hard hitting

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