Organic Guinea Pig's Health Revolution - Self help / nutrition & health book by Dale Preece-Kelly

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Smoking, drinking, eating all of the wrong foods – that was ME.

I was leading a lifestyle, like many people, that was killing me. A doctor telling me that I was killing myself, and a chance meeting with somebody passionate about nutrition was all that it took for me to stop and look at where I was headed, and change my life around.

This book is the system that I used to stop smoking and to stop all of the other poor lifestyle choices that I was making. By following this system, my health improved immeasurably, my mental wellbeing improved and my fitness levels improved so much that I ran a 10k race. I learned how living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it does not have to be boring.

This system helped me to lose 2 stones in weight, stubborn deposits of fat around my stomach and waist, 4 inches off my waist size, at the same time as giving me more confidence, better muscle definition and a really happy and positive outlook on life. These are just the SIDE EFFECTS!! The true benefit is, that all of the health problems that I had at the start (heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) have disappeared, and the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease that I had have all but gone too.

The system is so easy to maintain, once you know what to do, that I am still doing it more than 12 months later, and I am confident that you will be too. If you are TRULY committed to your health, and living a long and disease free life, then this book is for you.

Organic Guinea Pig began as a page on social media, where I could be a public “Guinea Pig” for somebody passionate about health & nutrition – testing different natural healing techniques, foods and such. Within a few months, I could see how this new lifestyle was helping me, and I too became passionate about nutrition and everything else that OGP incorporated, and I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Organic Guinea Pig became a business, as I qualified as a nutritional therapist.

Since then, I have written this book, in the hope that many people (far more than I could reach in any other way) will buy it, and use the system to help them become healthier, happier, and fitter for life. It’s NOT a diet, it’s a change for LIFE.

Read this book and join the Health Revolution NOW!

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