Peace, Love & Romance - 10 full-length romances by 10 authors

CAUTION: This sexy group of book boyfriends may cause tingling in your lower extremities.

Ten of today’s hottest-selling authors have come together to bring you Peace, Love, & Romance. With ten full-length novels to enjoy, be prepared to have your steamiest, book hangover ever! Each full-length novel celebrates women who have loved, lost, and triumphed. Conquering their doubts and fears, they learn when life gives you another chance at true love, to grab tight and hold on like there’s no tomorrow! Just 99¢

“Good love stories are hard to come by today! Here you have many.” Corry Parnese (Triple A Book Blog)

“I'm looking forward to binge reading this one.” Jayne Hyatt (Author)

Sweet, sassy, and sizzling!

Out of the Box Regifted, by Jennifer Theriot. Scary Modsters, by Diane Rinella. Cheating to Survive, by Christine Ardigo. Chain of Title, by Robyn Roze. A Different Kind of Forever, by Dee Ernst. Tahoe Blues, by Aubree Lane. Tropical Nightmares, by Kelly Cozzone. The Fizgig, by Jill Cox Vogt. Doubling Back to Love, by Rebecca Warner. Sex and the Widow Miles, by Nan Reinhardt.