Sylvia's: It Is Said, If You Meet Someone Here - Fiction by Don Frankel

The best way to describe my novel is from a review I received.

"Well crafted and character driven, Sylvia's is the neighborhood bar and grill we've always dreamed about visiting. The story itself is nothing new; local establishment in danger of being swallowed up by big business, however the cast of characters is so vivid that the story seems fresh. It's a motley cast of characters, each one layered and interesting. Chapter by chapter just flew by as I was introduced to the varied heroes and villains in the story. Even the grittiest of characters has an interesting back story, and I found it easy to connect to the book's outcome on an emotional level. Don Frankel has a gift for making even the harsher character's actions understandable and yes, sometimes even excusable. I think this book would make an excellent book discussion selection as there are so many themes that lend themselves well to exploration and dissection, and I found myself wanting to share my thoughts and feelings. I very much enjoyed my visit to Sylvia's."