The Music Parents' Guide - a non-fiction guide by Anthony Mazzocchi

Learn Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Music Parent

It's a lot easier than you think!

Have you ever been confronted with the task of supporting your child's interest in a musical instrument, when you have little or no musical experience yourself?

Relax. Helping your child learn to play an instrument is definitely something you can do.

That's because The Music Parents' Guide provides a practical game plan that makes it simple for any parent to be a great music parent. In a style that's conversational and accessible, you'll learn in less than one hour how to:

·Assist your child in picking the right instrument to play
·Forget the myth that some kids are just "musically gifted" (It isn't true!)
·Understand that ANY child can become a good musician
·Interact with your child's music teacher in a constructive and productive way
·Teach your child that learning to play an instrument develops strong character traits
·Recognize through listening whether your child is practicing correctly

Most important, you'll learn that if you can help your child with their history homework, or teach them how to do yard work--you are more than qualified to help them learn to play an instrument.

The Music Parents' Guide takes less than an hour to read, and then it's always at your fingertips as a friendly resource that will have you saying:

"Supporting my child's interest in learning an instrument isn't such a big deal. I can do this!"