Undone by Daire O'Driscoll



I am an aspiring Irish writer currently living in Dublin. I received my Bachelor's Degree at Trinity College Dublin and afterwards spent several years living in Argentina. I have previously published a number of short stories along with some professional sports articles, and have just published my debut novel Undone.

My novel was mostly written in Buenos Aires, living in a miniscule cubicle with partitions for walls.  It was pitch black, with no windows but cockroaches aplenty, many of which were felled by a trusty, empty rum bottle!  I was working several day jobs at the time and working on this in the depths of night time, all of which I reckon is quite likely reflected in the tone of Undone.  My writing in Undone was influenced by a wide variety of sources, but probably most of all by authors like Joseph Conrad, Raymond Chandler and Edgar Allen Poe, along with films by Ingmar Bergman.

After finishing the writing of my book I read so many guide books saying things such as "You have written a book, well done - but that is only the easy part over with!", which at first I probably thought was ridiculous.  Now two years later, after having just self-published it, all I can say is "How right they were!".  I'm already looking forward to stepping back form the organisational stuff and getting stuck back into the fun of writing!  I currently have a good chunk of the first draft of a second novel written.  Hopefully (in a perfect world!) it will be finished by the end of 2014 and be up here soon afterwards.  Hope you enjoy Undone!

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