WWIV - The Shorts-Darkness Descends - short world changing stories by e a lake


Seven short stories about the end of the world as we know it - our world.

When the end comes, no one is prepared. Except for a group of scientists in Madison, WI, and top-level Federal officials, the end -- the Darkness -- will come like a thief in the night. For those living in the eastern hemisphere, it will strike in broad daylight. Unannounced, unseen, unforetold...unmistakably life altering.

From LA to Moscow, a nuclear plant in New Hampshire to the coast on North Korea, the Black Hills of South Dakota to an operating theatre in Moscow, the quiet countryside near Utrecht, Holland to the Oval Office -- all are damned. No one - rich or poor, good or evil - escapes the quiet invasion of The Darkness.

When the world we know evaporates, disappears like a cheap magic trick, what will we do? How will we react? Is it coming back? Or, will we learn to live. survive like this forever?

No one knows.

Seven short stories deal with the human reaction, both before and after. Watch as lives change, perhaps permanently. Witness the full spectrum of reactions: fear, calm reasoning, horror, utter disbelief. And little do these people know, the Darkness may last forever.