Becoming Lisette - Historical Fiction by Rebecca Glenn

I earned a master's degree in Art History from the University of Chicago and currently teach Art History courses at the college level.  For my master's thesis I looked at a number of 18-century French artists and their portrayals of women.  At that time there was a desire among women to be portrayed as "women of ideas" and not simply beautiful playthings.

A real woman was also working as an artist at this time in Paris.  Her name was Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun.  She became best known for being the portraitist of Queen Marie Antoinette just before the French Revolution.  However, as I learned more about her life, I became more intrigued with this woman and time.  She struggled against societal limitations placed on her as a woman and personal oppression from her step father.  However, she was able to overcome everything to become one of the greatest painters of the 18-century.  Today her paintings can be found at the Louvre, the Met, the National Gallery of Art and many other museums around the world.

I wanted everyone to know more about such a remarkable woman and I decided that an entertaining novel could reach the most people.  Although there are some things in the book that are fictionalized, many of the events actually happened and many of the people actually existed.  I also researched 18-century Paris extensively to create an atmosphere that is authentic and hopefully helps to transport the reader in time.

I hope that Lisette, a real woman of ideas, inspires you as much as she inspires me.