Bill the Fly - A Dark Humor novel by Nate Gutman

A detective obsessed with new-age medicine, a killer, and a talking house fly are just a few of the eclectic characters in Virginian author Nate Gutman’s new novel, Bill the Fly. At times poignant, surreal, and ridiculous, Bill the Fly is the story of the lonely bachelor Jacob Kingsley, who wakes up one morning to find that a fly named Bill has flown in through the open window of his Arizona home, made him breakfast, and told him to bring flowers to the object of his affection, a co-worker named Emily.

As Jacob and Bill’s friendship grows, it becomes obvious that neither of them are who they seem, and the mystery of their true natures is revealed in surprising and darkly hilarious ways.

One reviewer called it a “masterful blend of horror, light-hearted humor, and a keen wit,” and another calls Bill the Fly a “guaranteed delight of a read.”

Bill the Fly is available now in both paperback and Kindle formats through

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