Dog Days of Karma - Mystery by Jada Ryker

Dog Days of Karma, by Jada Ryker, will be FREE Thursday, July 2 – Monday, July 6. 

Add fireworks to your holiday reading with this unusual murder mystery adventure, spiced with humor, romance, and a soup├žon of the paranormal.
In search of a detective agency, Constance Twist storms into the Carr—Maah Consulting Agency.

Celeste Carr explains that Carr—Maah performs human resources consulting, not investigative work. When Ericka Maah orders Celeste to take Constance’s case, Celeste wonders if her business partner has slipped off the edge of eccentric and into the abyss of the bizarre.

Constance is viciously murdered in the street outside the agency. Celeste promises to find the elusive killer.

Jose, Carr—Maah’s previous receptionist and now a successful restaurant manager, helped a beaten woman to safety. He’s shocked when she hightails it out of town. Her trail leads back to his hometown and the Carr—Maah Consulting Agency.

Celeste, Ericka, and Jose join forces to solve the murder. They’re helped by Hobart, a mysterious homeless man forced by Ericka to become the agency’s new receptionist. As they follow clues to solve Constance’s murder and stop a sociopathic mastermind behind the website, they investigate the suspects. Christoph Metre, the chief executive of a rival agency, pops up in unexpected places, including the murder scene. Mrs. Grant, stalking the elderly Mr. Crispie, flew into rages when Constance Twist offered the feisty man lemonade with a Twist.

Celeste wonders about the new receptionist. The recalcitrant Hobart was in the vicinity when Constance was murdered. He raises more questions than he answers. Will he bring order to the office chaos? Will he court the beautiful and ambitious Celeste? Or is he a ruthless killer?

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