Eucalypt Stew - A Children's Picture Story Book by David J. McMullen & Michelle Molinari

For those who want to pass on the love of a good book to the new generation.

Australian author/songwriter David J McMullen has collaborated with multi award winning young Australian artist Michelle Molinari to create this beautifully presented Children's Illustrated Picture Book.

Michelle Molinari is rapidly taking the art world by storm with her works on display at many major galleries and in many private collections around the world. In Eucalypt Stew she has created 20 of the most adorable hand drawn koala illustrations you will ever see - each one a work of art in its own right.

David J McMullen is the author of 'The Fearless Five' trilogy. As a song writer he has worked with many recording artists and his song writing credits included songs listed with a myriad of major Music Publishing companies. It is his cute rhyming text in Eucalypt Stew along with Michelle's beautiful artworks that will have that special little person in your life mesmerised.
Eucalypt Stew - destined to become a favourite of little people the world over.