Henry & Tom - Action & Adventure by Michael Atkins

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Is it possible to develop a powerful bond between animal and human?
Henry and Tom explores the world of animal emotions and the powerful bonds that can develop between animals and humans.

In 1995 Tom, a spokesman at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was involved in rescuing a beached juvenile sperm whale near San Diego, California.

Tom names the whale Henry and the two form a strong emotional bond during the rescue. Twenty years later, Tom’s sailboat sinks on a solo voyage from San Francisco to Hawaii, and he and Henry are reunited thousands of miles from land. Henry rescues Tom and their incredible journey together across the Pacific begins...

A great story of friendship, nature, and humanity

Henry and Tom is an extraordinary story of love and cooperation between a man and whale. In addition, it deals with marriage and family, life crises, finding one's self-personal development and life in the real world. It's a deep and very moving story. Beautifully written and well produced.