How To Lose Weight At Work - Non-fiction by Josheel Dole & Francois S Schwob

KDP Select - Free Promotion: 6th July 2015 to the 10th July 2015

“ Are you having difficulty in losing weight? Do you live a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to work out or go to the gym? We’ve created an easy-to-follow book that will show you how to lose weight at work and live a much healthier lifestyle.

The first book of its kind will show you 100 different ways to achieve your ideal weight through:
Exercises At Your Workstation

- Dietary Advice

- Unique Hints

- Quirky Tips

- Exercising with Equipment

- Bonus Tips!

Get your copy of How To Lose Weight At Work, the pioneering new guide by Francois Schwob and Josheel Dole. From your e-reader, smartphone or tablet, download the book instantly and learn the secrets of successfully incorporating health and fitness into your time at the office.

Other benefits from the techniques used in this book:

- Boosts energy

- Increase Productivity

- Improves mood

- Improves Longevity

- Helps to prevent illnesses

- Control stress

- Save money

A perfect guide for people with a busy lifestyle. Lose weight and significantly improve your life!

The book has already reached new heights in the UK as the best seller in the Health & Fitness free book category on Amazon in just one day

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