Shallow Lives... Shallow Seas by Michael J. Rowbottom

Perhaps the story of Gulf War 2 has been told now...or has it? After all, they didn't find any WMD, did they!
No, they didn't, but could they have done?
Now there's a thought, in fact, keep on thinking it because Shallow Lives... Shallow Seas will help you along the road.
What if...someone started panicking low down the pecking order in Virginia?
What if...they thought they were meant to find the weapons...even if they weren't there?
Nothing like a good conspiracy theory to get everyone fired up...and this could have happened...maybe.
Let's get this straight, the idea behind the story of Shallow Lives... Shallow Seas and the characters are entirely invented by the author. Michael J. Rowbottom had an idea that a lot was depending on finding that WMD in the early days of the war and when nothing showed up except a bleached out chem-lab then there would have been a lot of perspiring from the top to the bottom of the coalition.
And midway down there might have been - there probably wasn't - but there might have been a group of people who believed their jobs could only survive if they found the smoking gun.
Pretty good start, then the rest is from Mike's imagination with this shadowy bunch of non-people setting up some weapons to be found by coalition forces in the desert.
And it would haver worked if only...
If only A naive expat in a neighbouring emirate hadn't stumbled across a dead prostitute in his apartment block...
If only the Royal Navy hadn't turned up the decomposing corpses of four poor young men while on a minesweeping patrol out of that emirate...
If only there hadn't been a power struggle in that emirate...
If only there hadn't been an important bye-election in the UK to complicate it even more because the constituency makes weapons and needs to sell them to the emirate.
Still, life shouldn't be about if-onlys. That's what the very lazy Gulf correspondent of Randalls News Agency forced himself to say when he had to
get up from his sunlounger to investigate this little series of connections.
Thrill to the heat of the Gulf in August, the life of the expat and how they try to live in a regime which may not be quite what they're used to.
Shallow deeper than the skin of a Creme Brulee.
Shallow Seas...not deep enough to keep any secrets.
All yours, have fun!