The Bond - An lgbt-friendly young adult fantasy by Adolfo Garza jr

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Aeron bonded with the dragon Anaya, and Lord Baronel seems happy to let her stay with Aeron in the Caer and help investigate nahual attacks. Aeron and Anaya also fly patrols in the region to find the beasts *before* they attack anyone. Word spreads far and wide about dragons and about Aeron, who some call the ‘dragon boy.’ Unfortunately, there seems to be opposition to what they are trying to do, because obstacles keep getting placed in their way. Who is this unknown foe, and why don’t they want a company formed to help dragons achieve their purpose?

Meanwhile, far to the south, startling revelations about the Corpus Order, a group devoted to killing dragons, leave Renata wondering if she’s wasted half her life working for them. Told she can meet a woman in the desert who can help fight the Order’s lies, Renata heads into the dry wasteland to find her. Events in the desert caves change Renata’s life forever and set her on a journey to find the rumored ‘dragon boy’ in the North. Is he real? Does he actually have a dragon? And, more importantly, will he have answers to the questions raised by Renata’s meeting in the caves?

Joy Grzelak (comment left on author’s blog):
“...I began reading science fiction and fantasy with an Andre Norton novel. Since then I have read many different authors and thousands of books. The last two days I spent reading your Dragonlinked and The Bond. They gave me as much pleasure as those long ago Andre Norton titles. Thank you for such good reading and I look forward to your next book.”

diane (Amazon customer review):
“I love this series, one of the best things is that the hero is very sympathetic and loves a boy who loves him. It is handled very naturally and in a matter of fact manner with there being heterosexual couples also in the story. This is a nice advance in teen literature.”

LJ Anderson (Amazon customer review):
“The bonding between beings, real or imaginary, is a proven phenomena which occurs in and between many divergent species besides humans. To have imagination and science linked through well written story telling is absolutely marvelous! Even though I am a much older person than what I perceive to be the intended audience of this story, let it be said that transcending age, gender and social attitudes is a remarkable ability rarely seen in the writings for this genre. Congratulations to you and your "staff"! ! ! LJ Anderson”

Omen Firepaws ( customer review of the series):
“This has been an amazing ongoing tale from book one all the way up to three. Sometimes I curse my reading speed and devotion to see a good book, or series, through: I read all three books in just a couple of weeks (some nights I forgot to sleep, as into the story as I get). Anyone debating reading this, if you love dragons, you will NOT be disappointed[...]”

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Dragonlinked Chronicles currently has three books. Book four is in progress!