The cave with the giant crystals - Children's story by Gil Ferre

Perry, the leader of the beavers, proposes to Zeus, the Great Dane to go and explore an unknown cave. Other companions of the garden also want to participate in the expedition: Zoïle the squirrel, Ramon the mole and Gaspard the old pigeon.

As the group moves on, they dive into a river and reach a cave. This is a gigantic cave full of impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Suddenly, Ramon disappears into a crevice. Perry, Zoïle and Gaspard go down in it to rescue him. As they get down there, they discover this marvelous cave with magnificent giant crystals. They explore this stunning cave in awe, but have to return home.

This little story brings us into the discovery of underground beauties of the world, insisting however, on the importance of preserving natural sites.

For children from 4 to 10 years old, available in Paperback and Kindle Edition by Amazon. Publisher: Plannum Scs.

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