The Cleopatra Murders - A Mystery By Mic Palmer

Susan is the likely target of a homicidal maniac; Jack is the prime suspect. What better way to rekindle a broken romance?

Unfortunately, she’s not particularly receptive. As a matter of fact she’s downright terrified. With Jack’s former girlfriends dropping like flies and the media portraying him as a romantically frustrated loser, whose killing spree was set off by his recent firing from a dead end job, how could she not be? Whether it’s the tabloid journalists, the dime store detectives, or the publicity hungry psychologists, everyone seems to feel that his life was the perfect laboratory for creating a psychopath.

Jack’s only choice then is to catch the killer himself, but the more he learns, the more the evidence seems to point toward him - is there something about himself he doesn't know? As if to drive the point home, he has again begun sleepwalking, the revelation of which causes him to recall aspects of his past long since repressed, not the least of which that night as a child when he woke up covered in blood.

Rocked to his core, he decides to wait it out, keep to himself, do some thinking, but that’s before Susan goes missing, and all at once he finds himself doing things he never thought possible.

To get her back, however, he will not only have to evade the police, outsmart a malicious duo of reporters, and escape from a gang of sadistic killers, but most difficult of all, face up to his demons - the only question is who will he be when it’s all over?