The Serpent Calls - Epic Fantasy novel by Christopher Bramley, Book One of the Chaoswar Trilogy

"War is coming. The death of an old man begins events which could lead to the destruction of the nations of men, and possibly beyond. Ancient creatures stir upon the face of Kuln, and times grow dark throughout the lands of Anaria. An ordinary boy reluctantly joins his mentor in an effort to find out what afflicts the lands, but time grows short. Chaos is growing... and they are being hunted. The realms are inexorably moving towards conflict. Forces of legend stir as the balance shifts. Eordeland itself trembles, and at the heart of the unrest moves a small group desperately seeking answers, thrown together by circumstance. In their journey they find wonder, the loss of innocence, and something far greater than themselves. For Karland, the sights, experiences and beings he will encounter will change him forever. The darkness spreads, an ancient evil awakes, and the stakes could yet be higher than anyone imagined... Where is the source of the unrest? Will they discover it in time? Will it even mean anything? And what will be their fate when The Serpent Calls?

The first book in a stunning new Fantasy trilogy set in a detailed world of imagination, legend, magic, and adventure.


As a lover of fantasy and sci-fi, for years Chris worked to bring his own vision and homage to great works of fantasy to life. Finally, the serpent called... and the fates of men and nations are in print. The book has met with resoundingly good reviews on Goodreads and, with reviews stating they "haven't enjoyed a book so much since Game of Thrones" and the book being described as "what epic fantasy should feel like", and even "Science Fantasy". Somethings are familiar, but it is a hitherto unknown world full of mystery, promise and high adventure.

Chris works training IT consultants and training body and mind with research, climbing, martial arts and gym when he isn't writing, lazing, playing music, or computer games. He tends to wander around outdoors and believes in getting stuff done."

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