A Journey of Heart and Mind - A Young Adult Novel by Kurt Robinson


We've all had a first love that never liked us back, we've all had our crushes, and we've all been rejected.

That is what Joshua Rodgers goes through starting from the opening chapter as the high school football season ends in a loss. As he walks amongst his friends and teammates they are being comforted by their girlfriends. Josh realizes that he is missing something in his life. He is missing that someone special.

However, his situation is worsened from the fact that he is shy and big because he plays football. He then seeks help from his best friend, Ethan, who helps him build his confidence. Finally, Josh is able to ask out girls for a date, but there is one thing wrong, he keeps getting rejected. At the same time he has his longtime crush, which is who he really wants. But, she is in a relationship with someone, which breaks his heart. In the meantime, he keeps trying to ask out other girls.

But, after a few rejections too many, he gets tired of it, and goes down a dark path that turns him into someone he is not. He gains confidence, but in the wrong way. After constant rejection, can his best friend, and a person he thought he was finished with, turn him back into the "Old Josh?"

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