A Mystical Bond For Two - young adult fantasy by David & Mary Jo Parker


A big wee ones hello to all fantasy readers from far flung places. I am Miss LietaMay McRollins, the hot little Rue’Gaun pixie gracing the eBook cover of A Mystical Bond For Two. Sorry gentlemen I’m officially betrothed, so read to your heart’s content, but no flirting or hitting on me.

Abashed to say the frolicking love story within its pages divulges every intimate detail of my passionate escapades with eighteen year old Gennick Deavolt. Nothing too risqué, all though I do tend to get an angelic glow about me when desire gets the better of us. It could be worse, my beloved Gennick’s voice goes awry and he sounds like a bellowing dwarf for a long spell.

Lest my tongue lead to spoilers, I’ll bid you all well and share a story with your dearly beloved. “Or making a steamy one of your own, behind closed doors. Just a thought…”

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