Alexandra's Order (ORIGIN & ORGANIZATION): From Blue-Collar to Blue-Blood - a contemporary romance book bundle by Emilia I. Rutigliano

The first two books of Alexandra's Order...

From the author of Layers of Veronica, comes a family saga that you won't be able to abandon...

Alexandra Kamin is everywoman. At 42, she has a loving family, terrific children, a great career with a superlative income, a gorgeous face with a terrific figure, and a loving boyfriend. Most impressive is that she is in complete control of every ambit of her life.

Where do you go when you are at the top?

ORIGIN takes you back to the beginning… the beginning of Alexandra’s life in America, the beginning of the truest of love affairs, and the beginning of an entrepreneurial life. Through a series of flashbacks and conversations, Alexandra explains every nuance that made this beautiful family a dynasty that you want to root for.

Schooling, work, child rearing, and family affairs are all under Alexandra’s Order. Come join the family

Her husband died;
Her boyfriend moved to Asia;
But neither really let go.
What a Mess…

ORGANIZATION continues the adventures of what seems like an ordinary life of a 42-year-old woman. The kids have activities. The work schedules meetings. Renovations keep coming up with problems. And there are always ‘procedures’ that need to be attended to.

Through it all, there are incredible new lovers, new opportunities and galas that need to be attended. And it isn’t just about Alex, it’s about the family who comes together to enjoy the beauty of the world.

What begins with blue-collar origins turns into a blue-blood reign. It’s all just a matter of organizing all the people and things around, and putting it all in order. Now that there is a rock-solid foundation, everything else is just décor.

Lookin’ gojus so far…

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