DIY Credit Restoration & 10 Days to Fix Identity Theft, a self-help series by Julie Macc


Summary: It is estimated that as many as 85% of all US consumers have some incorrect information in their credit reports. Your credit report can effect your ability to gain employment, insurance, apartment rental, consumer purchases, mortgages and nearly all aspects of your financial life.  Author Julie Macc brings over 20 years of experience as a Credit and Identity Theft Expert and expert witness in hundreds of legal cases against the three major credit reporting agencies, banks and corporations to help individuals and small businesses correct reporting information as a means to improve credit scores.  Julie Macc offers her first series of booklets to help you restore your credit scores and correct the negative effects associated with identity theft, all while savings hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours you may spend using many of the advertised credit repair companies that do little more than you can do for yourself under US laws.  Let Julie show you in an easy-to-read book how you can repair your own credit, repair the effects of identity theft and restore your good name and credit standings...and prevent future 'attacks.'  These booklets also include professionally written letters to credit agencies that you can use, and most important, Julie Macc provides insider, expert tips and insider tricks used by credit attorneys and credit repair companies that you can effectively employ for yourself.

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