Hermit - A Fantasy Fiction / Crime Thriller by Patrick Denim

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Ewan is a man torn apart. Everything he knows and loves has been ripped away with one cruel stroke. He seeks solace in the peace and tranquillity of the Scottish Highlands, where he learns to live at one with the magic of the earth.

Rose is a young mother, barely more than a girl herself, desperate to raise her son away from the drugs, violence and prostitution into which she was born.

Ragnor is a dragon, the last of his kind. For a thousand years he has raged against the confines of the cage that binds him beneath the ground.

All three seek only to escape from their current conditions, but the gods must play their games, where defeat means destruction, and Ewan, Rose and Ragnor’s destinies are not their own to forge. Forced together in a story of violence and shattered dreams, laced with magic and mysticism, they must struggle to survive in a world where being righteous does not guarantee victory. The meek will not inherit the earth unless they fight for it!

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