How You Can Write a Successful Master's Thesis in 8 Steps: The Secret to Completing Your Degree in Mass Communication-non fiction/education/ teaching theory--Thabo W. Nkomo

If you are a candidate for the master’s degree in mass communication, the most effective way to complete your degree is to create a thesis. The ebook demystifies the process of writing a winning thesis. Discover 8 proven steps to help you achieve your goals.  Here is what readers are saying:

The only guide you will need in order to write your Master’s Thesis—-If anyone else is looking for assistance with their Master’s Thesis and don’t know where to turn, you can’t do better than this guide. Now that I’ve found the clarity and means to complete my own, I can’t recommend it enough.” -E.A. Gray top 500 Reviewer on Amazon

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Excellent— As someone who is set to write a master’s thesis soon, I found this book to be of tremendous use. It contains a wealth of information on successfully completing the thesis, and I found the tips, advice and techniques inside to very unique and helpful. I am impressed with how well presented this on was, and as for my confidence goes it has definitely made me feel more prepared for my upcoming thesis. Overall, a great guide, I would recommend it.” —Laura K

Perfect for writing a successful thesis! I wish I had come across this book a couple of months ago! I actually recently just completed my Master’s thesis in Communications and this book would have been so helpful to have. The author gives a lot of tips on how you can complete your thesis in time and how it can turn out amazing. I liked how the author mentioned that a lot of people feel as though they don’t have the motivation to complete a Master’s thesis or they feel as though they can’t do it. That’s how I felt when I started my thesis and thought that I would never complete it. This book gives you the motivation and strength to complete the project.

The 8 steps were so helpful and if you follow them, you will be able to create a thesis in just enough time. I liked how the author noted the importance of research and the ways to go about your research. I felt as though this tip would have been very helpful for when I was going through my own thesis. I didn’t feel as though I had enough time to research and did not get very detailed research. The book also would help you pick a topic that would be good for you and that would have a lot of content to research about.

I’m thinking about getting a second Master’s in Communications and Advertising. I won’t need to take as many classes this time, but will need to do another thesis. I am going to refer to this book when completing my thesis so I will have the right amount of information so I will be able to succeed! I’m also recommending this book to a few of my graduate student friends who are still in school and may need some help when writing their thesis. I’m sure that they will appreciate the help that the book offers”—arky

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